The 12th Annual Frankel Lecture: A Tribute

This marks the twelfth year the Houston Law Review has hosted the Frankel Lecture, which for each year since its inception has drawn acclaimed scholars from diverse areas of law and from all across the United States to present their scholarship at the University of Houston Law Center and to publish their work in the Houston Law Review. The Law Review and the Law Center owe a great debt of gratitude to the Frankel Family Foundation for its continued support of this rich academic venture. But we owe more. In fact the Houston Law Review itself owes its very existence to the kindness and generosity of Houston businessman and oil industry icon Maurice Frankel, whose fondness for early Law Center Dean Newell Blakely and friendship with alumnus Sybil Belasco led him to make a sizeable, and anonymous, donation to the Law Center to fund the start of the Houston Law Review over 46 years ago. We are eternally grateful for Mr. Frankel’s foresight, his fondness for giving, his commitment to promoting education, and his desire to make Houston a better community. And for the foundation which bears his name and for his family which carries on his legacy of generosity, we pay tribute to Mr. Maurice Frankel and dedicate this issue, containing the scholarship from the Twelfth Annual Frankel Lecture, in his memory.

The Twelfth Annual Frankel Lecture