Announcement of Board 49 Editorial Board

The Houston Law Review is honored to announce the appointment of the Board 49 editorial board. These individuals will work alongside the current editorial board for the remainder of the semester preparing to take the reins in May. Board 49 has exemplified the character and dedication of the Houston Law Review so far this year, and we are thrilled to be leaving the Review in such capable hands. We look forward to working with Board 49 throughout this semester.

The incoming Editor in Chief, Matthew Hoffman, and the Managing Editor, Katharine Larson, commented:

“The members of Board 49 are excited about transitioning into their new positions on the Houston Law Review Board of Editors.  Board 48’s consistent display of professionalism and hard work provides an example to Board 49 of what it will take to continue the efficient operation of the Law Review.  The energy, ideas, and diligence of the new Board of Editors will ensure that the Houston Law Review maintains its unparalleled quality and high regard throughout the legal community under our care.”

The Board 49 Masthead is available here.