Announcement of Board 50 Editorial Board

The Houston Law Review is honored to announce the appointment of the Board 50 editorial board. These editors will work closely with their counterparts on Board 49 for the remainder of the semester and will take over the leadership of the Review in May. The editors of Board 50 are eager to lead the organization for the next year, and Board 49 is proud to announce their arrival.

The incoming Editor in Chief, Peter Danysh, and the incoming Managing Editor, Cade Mason, commented:

“On behalf of the members of Board 50, we are thrilled to begin the transition into our new positions on the Houston Law Review Board of Editors. Board 49 has been a constant source of guidance and professionalism, and we look forward to working together with the same amount of dedication. We are confident that Board 50 will demonstrate the work ethic and leadership necessary to ensure that the Houston Law Review remains such a vital part of the University of Houston Law Center and the legal community.”

Board 50’s Masthead is available here.