51:4 A Call to Congress: Amend Education Legislation and Ensure That President Obama’s “Race to the Top” Leaves No Child Left Behind


This Comment addresses the current inadequacies in RAAPs and other education legislation and presents a plan to restructure NCLB in a way that enhances diverse academic atmospheres and cultivates effective individualized education by increasing the number of charter schools. Part II chronicles the history of segregation and how its negative effects continue today. Part III addresses the failed attempts at curing the negative effects of segregation. Part IV focuses on charter schools and their potential to help solve the problems segregation causes. Lastly, Part V proposes a solution to achieve what RAAPs and past legislation could not: a cure that finally creates a truly equal opportunity for all.

NCLB should be amended to (a) implement common standards applicable to all states to replace the current Adequate Yearly Progress standard; (b) extend the deadline for each level of sanctions imposed by NCLB and prolong the 100% proficiency achievement goal; and (c) encourage charter school growth by requiring states who wish to receive Title I funds to implement legislation aimed at promoting a socioeconomically diverse student population.