Announcement of Board 54 Editorial Board

The Houston Law Review is thrilled and honored to welcome and congratulate the newly elected editors of Board 54. They will work closely alongside their counterparts for the remainder of the semester to ensure an efficient and productive transition. We are confident that the Board 54 editors have the skills and the talent to lead the organization and carry out the objectives of the Review.

The incoming Editor in Chief, Jennifer Robichaux, and the incoming Managing Editor, Matthew Harper, gave the following remarks:

“For over 50 years, the Houston Law Review has maintained the highest standards of legal scholarship. On behalf of Board 54, we look forward to carrying on in the tradition of superior dedication and professionalism established by past Boards. We thank the members of Board 53 for their unfailing support, expertise, and good humor as we prepare to take the reins of one of the nation’s finest legal publications. Their mentorship will be the foundation of the future success of this organization.”


Board 54’s masthead is available here.