Mission Statement

Houston Law Review Mission Statement
Adopted Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Houston Law Review focuses on scholarship and publishing a balance of theoretical and practical views reflected in a variety of legal subject matters. The Houston Law Review is committed to creating model attorneys to serve the community and the world at large by enriching our members’ educational experience.

  • As a journal, the Houston Law Review publishes a varied body of legal scholarship, thus providing a comprehensive informational source for, and fostering intellectual discourse among, the professional and academic communities.
  • As an organization, the Houston Law Review develops the legal writing skills of its members, improves their analytical abilities, and instills in them a sense of community involvement.
  • As members of the Law Center and the broader legal community, the Houston Law Review encourages membership of people from varying backgrounds and experiences. A diverse and talented membership fosters the broad exchange of ideas necessary for any quality organization.