Community Volunteer Day

At the Houston Law Review, we always strive to keep the big picture in focus. As part of that objective, the Review participates in an annual volunteer day. Each year, the 3L Editors of the Review select an organization that could use the help of an army of dedicated workers. Last year, for example, some thirty members of the Review descended on the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center to help clear the forest of privit—a species of nonindigenous plant—and to help demolish dilapidated wooden bridges.

This year, the Review chose to work with the Goodwill. This wonderful organization helps people through the power of work, assisting disadvantaged people gain the skills necessary to find meaningful employment, and employing some of these great people themselves. At the Goodwill headquarters in Houston, our members performed a wide array of tasks, from working the registers in the retail wing to preparing the clothes that didn’t sell in the retail store for shipment overseas.

During our time with the Goodwill, we got to meet a number of remarkable people. I personally, and I believe most of the Review members would agree that they, gained more from our experience than expected. The lengths that the Goodwill does to help their fellow person is humbling and encouraging.