IPIL Symposium

Upcoming IPIL Symposium

“Authorship in America (and Beyond)” – focusing on the nature of authorship, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, both in the United States and abroad.

June 4, 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Symposium by the University of Houston Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law, Proceedings Published by the Houston Law Review.

IPIL’s National Conference, traditionally held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has through the years provided scholars a unique setting to develop, debate and deploy commentary and policy proposals concerning intellectual property and information law. Topics for past conferences have included Patents, Copyright, Trademark & Trade Secret, Information & E-commerce, and Cyber Law.

Papers presented at IPIL appear shortly after the Conference in Houston Law Review’s annual IPIL symposium issue.

Past Publications:

2015: Authorship in America (and Beyond)

2014: ReCalibrating Copyright: Continuity, Contemporary Culture, and Change

2013: Intellectual Property and Information Law in the Administrative State

Tenth Annual Baker Botts Lecture

2012: Pondering Patents: First Principles and Fresh Possibilities

Ninth Annual Baker Botts Lecture

2011: Trademark: Today and Tomorrow

Eighth Annual Baker Botts Lecture

2010: The ©©© Conference: Celebrating Copyright’s tri-Centennial

Seventh Annual Baker Botts Lecture

2009: Intellectual Property in International Perspective

Greg R. Vetter, Introduction, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 975 (2009).
Peter K. Yu, The Objectives and Principles of the TRIPS Agreement, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 979 (2009).
Cynthia M. Ho, Unveiling Competing Patent Perspectives, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 1047 (2009).
Jerome H. Reichman, Intellectual Property in the Twenty-First Century: Will the Developing Countries Lead or Follow?, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 1115 (2009).
Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Rochelle C. Dreyfuss, Designing a Global Intellectual Property System Responsive to Change: The WTO, WIPO, and Beyond, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 1187 (2009).
Charles R. McManis, The Proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA): Two Tales of a Treaty, 46 Hous. L. Rev. 1235 (2009).

2007: Copyright in Context

2005: Transactions, Information and Emerging Law

2004: Trademark in Transition

2003: Considering Copyright

2002: The Future of Patent Law

2001: E-Commerce and Privacy