The Frankel Lecture


Frankel Lecture 2017: 
The Houston Law Review is pleased to host the 22nd Annual Frankel Lecture on Friday, October 27, 2017, at the JW Marriott Downtown. To register now or for more information, e-mail Barbara Light at  or call the Law Review office at 713-743-2247.

The annual Frankel Lecture series aspires to promote academic exchange by featuring prominent scholars from across the nation who can bring the latest cutting edge legal debate directly to the Houston Law Center. The Frankel Lecture Series provides the Houston Law Review with an opportunity to support and publish presentations by internationally recognized legal scholars such as William Eskridge, Harold Hongju Koh, Judge Alex Kozinski, David Nimmer, Pamela Karlan, Kevin R. Johnson and many others. In addition to the lecture itself, the articles written by the Keynote Speaker and the Commentators are published in the Houston Law Review. The Houston Law Review is geneKeynote Speaker:rously supported by the Frankel Family Foundation.

 Topics from Previous Years:

2017: Independence of Counsel

Keynote Speaker: Stephen Bright, Professor of Practice, Georgia State College of Law

Commentator: Jordan M. Steiker, Judge Robert M. Parker Chair in Law and Director of the Capital Punishment
Center, The University of Texas School of Law

Commentator: Lisa Olsen, Senior Investigative Reporter at the Houston Chronicle

2016: Outsourcing Politics: Political Parties and the Theory of the Firm

Keynote Speaker: Samuel Issacharoff, Bonnie and Richard Reiss Professor of Constitutional Law, New York University School of Law

Commentator: Robert F. Bauer, Professor of Practice and Distinguished Scholar in Residence, New York University School of Law

Commentator: Heather K. Gerken, J. Skelly Wright Professor of Law, Yale Law School

2015: The War Powers and Humanitarian Intervention

Keynote Speaker: Harold Hongju Koh, Sterling Professor of International Law, Yale Law School

Commentator: Ashley Deeks, Associate Professor of Law, University of Virginia Law School

Commentator: Dawn Johnsen, Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

2014: Marriage Equality as a Testing Ground for Original Meaning

Keynote Speaker: William Eskridge, Jr., John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence at Yale Law School

Commentator: Jane Schacter, William Nelson Cormwell Professor of Law at Stanford Law School

Commentator: Nan Hunter, Professor of Law and Associate Dean of the Graduate Programs at Georgetown University Law Center

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2013: Reforming the Market For Individual Health Insurance: Success is in the Eye of the Beholder

Keynote Speaker: Mark A. Hall, Fred and Elizabeth Turnage Professor of Law and Public Health at Wake Forest University

Commentator: Professor David Orentlicher, Samuel R. Rosen Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Law and Health at Indiana
University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Commentator: Professor William Sage, James R. Dougherty Chair for Faculty Excellence in law at the University of Texas at Austin

2012: Is Bankruptcy the Answer for Troubled Cities and States

Keynote Speaker: David Skeel, S. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law

Commentator: Anna Gelpern, American University Washington College of Law, Visiting Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Commentator: Clayton P. Gillette, Max E. Greenberg Professor of Contract Law, New York University School of Law

2011: Codes of Conduct for a Twilight War

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Phillip Zelikow, White Burkett Miller Professor of History and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, University of Virginia

2010: The Cost/Benefit Analysis of Environmental Regulation

Keynote Speaker: Professor Richard L. Revesz, Lawrence King Professor of Law and Dean of New York University School of Law

Commentator: Douglas A. Kysar, Joseph M. Field ’55 Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Commentator: Alexander Volokh, Assistant Professor of Law, Emory Law

The video from the event is available here.

2009: 25th Amendment: Revisiting Constitutional Provisions for Presidential Succession

Keynote Speaker: Professor Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale Law School

Commentator: John D. Feerick, Sidney C. Norris Chair of Law in Public Service, Fordham University School of Law

Commentator: Joel K. Goldstein, Vincent C. Immel Professor of Law, Saint Louis University School of Law

2008: Legal and Managerial ‘Cultures’ in Corporate Representation

Keynote Speaker: Professor Geoffrey C. Hazard, Thomas E. Miller Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California Hastings College of the Law

Commentator: Professor Edward B. Rock, Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law, University of Pennsylvania

Commentator: Professor Stephen V. Arbogast, Executive Professor of Finance, University of Houston C. T. Bauer College of Business

2007: Hurricane Katrina: Lessons About Immigrants in the Modern Administrative State

Keynote Speaker: Professor Kevin R. Johnson, University of California Davis School of Law

Commentator: Professor Anna Shavers, University of Nebraska Law School

Commentator: Professor Raquel Aldana, University of Nevada-Las Vegas School of Law

2006: The Voting Rights Act

Keynote Speaker: Professor Pamela Karlan, Stanford Law School

Commentator: Professor Ellen Katz, University of Michigan Law School

Commentator: Professor Nina Perales, Southwest Regional Counsel for MALDEF in San Antonio, Texas

2005: Taking Affirmative Action Seriously: Getting Beyond the Numbers

Keynote Speaker: Dorothy A. Brown, Washington and Lee U. School of Law

Commentator: Carla D. Pratt, Dickinson School of Law at Penn State

Commentator: Dean Evan H. Caminker, U. of Michigan Law School

2004: Free Will, Religious Liberty, and the French Prohibition of Religious Paraphernalia in Public Schools

Keynote Speaker: Steven Gey, Florida State University School of Law

Commentator: Professor Robert Destro, Catholic U. School of Law

Commentator: Professor T. Jeremy Gunn, Emory School of Law

Commentator: Professor Dina Alsowayel, University of Houston

2003: Doing Well by Doing Good: Exploring the Role of Public Service in the Careers of Black Corporate Lawyers

Keynote Speaker: David Wilkins, Harvard Law School

Commentator: Bryant Garth, Director, American Bar Foundation

Commentator: Robert W. Gordon, Yale Law School

2002: The Crisis in Corporate Governance: 2002 Style

Keynote Speaker: Robert W. Hamilton, University of Texas School of Law

Commentator: Larry Ribstein, University of Illinois College of Law

Commentator: Robert Thompson, Vanderbilt University Law School

2001: American Violence as a Shaper of Gun Law

Keynote Speaker: Robert Weisberg, Stanford University

Commentator: Jonathan Simon, University of Miami School of Law

Commentator: Erik Luna, University of Utah College of Law

2000: Copyright in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Authorship and Originality

Keynote Speaker: David Nimmer, University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law

Commentator: James L. Oaks, Senior Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals

Commentator: Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve University

1999: The Relevance of Legal Scholarship to the Judiciary and Legal Community

Keynote Speaker: Judge Alex Kozinski, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Commentator: Judge Lynn N. Hughes, United States District Court, Southern District of Texas

Commentator: David R. Dow, University of Houston Law Center

1998: Bringing International Law Home

Keynote Speaker: Harold Hongju Koh, Yale Law School

Commentator: Thomas M. Franck, New York University School of Law

Commentator: Robert O. Keohane, Duke University

1997: Just Politics? Five Not So Easy Pieces of the 1995 Term

Keynote Speaker: Pamela S. Karlan, University of Virginia School of Law

Commentator: Carol M. Swain, Princeton University

Commentator: Richard H. Pildes, University of Michigan Law School

Commentator: G. Sidney Buchanan, University of Houston Law Center

1996: The Quiet Revolution: Securities Arbitration Confronts the Hard Questions

Keynote Speaker: Joel Seligman, University of Arizona School of Law

Commentator: John C. Coffee, Columbia Law School

Commentator: Richard E. Speidel, Northwestern University School of Law