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Volume Six
Frank O. Carroll III, “Vex My Soul”: A Primer on Vexatious Litigants, 6 HLRe 231 (2016).

Jennifer Juergens, Comment, Reverse Mortgage Complexity Is Negatively Impacting Older Americans, 6 HLRe 209 (2016).

Cody Corliss, Called On: A Novel Reflecting the Changing Nature of Legal Education, 6 HLRe 199 (2016) (book review).

Lauren Males, Current Trends in Marijuana Regulation, 6 HLRe 185 (2016).

Scott Cunning & Mini Kapoor, Circumstances Mandating a Commercial Marketing Notice by a Biosimilar Applicant Ripe for Guidance from the High Court, 6 HLRe 179 (2016).

Michael P. Vargo, Why the Accommodation Doctrine Should Not Apply to Groundwater Owners Under Coyote Lake Ranch, LLC v. City of Lubbock, 6 HLRe 167 (2016).

Kyle C. Velte, Essay, Obergefell‘s Expressive Promise, 6 HLRe 157 (2015).

Alfred H. Bennett, Remarks, Investiture Remarks of the Honorable Alfred H. Bennett, 6 HLRe 153 (2015).

Adrienne Arnold, Note, Rodriguez, Terry, and the Supreme Court’s Evolving Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence: How Rodriguez Does (and Does Not) Clarify the Future of the Fourth Amendment, 6 HLRe 135 (2015).

Dustin B. Benham, Essay, Emerging Issues in Texas Dismissal Practice: Pleading Standards and Important Miscellany, 6 HLRe 123 (2015).

Victor Williams, NLRB v. Noel Canning Tests the Limits of Judicial Memory: Leon Higginbotham, Spottswood Robinson, and David Rabinovitz Rendered Illegitimate, 6 HLRe 107 (2015).

Benjamin A. Cohen-Kurzrock, What’s It Worth to You – A Brief Evaluation of the 2016 Greenbook Consistency in Valuations for Transfer and Income Tax Proposal, 6 HLRe 99 (2015).

Erin Mitchell, Comment, Uber’s Loophole in the Regulatory System, 6 HLRe 75 (2015).

Teresa Pham Messer, Barred from Justice: The Duress Waiver to the Material Support Bar, 6 HLRe 63 (2015).

Adam Lamparello, Justice Kennedy’s Decision in Obergefell: A Sad Day for the Judiciary, 6 HLRe 45 (2015).

Shuting Chen, Missed Opportunities and Second Chances: Appellate Litigation Strategies for Asylum Seekers in Reinstatement Cases, 6 HLRe 35 (2015).

Carissa Byrne Hessick, Booker in the Circuits: Backlash or Balancing Act, 6 HLRe 23 (2015).

Carl Tobias, Marriage Equality Comes to America, 6 HLRe 13 (2015).

Megan A. Ceder & Travis J. Distaso, Consequential Damages Waivers: How to Consequentially and Incidentally (Including Indirectly) Waive Your Remedy, 6 HLRe 1 (2015).